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released December 21, 2015

Beats produced by nvrmore, dead spirit, XAN, cat soup, yung cortex, tundra, WRKTNGL, and pnkblnkt

Jimmy V featured on track #8 Real Light

Mixed / Mastered by Byron Leach (pboy)

Lyrics, vocals, and field recordings by ROMANTIC



all rights reserved


ROMANTIC Beacon, New York

\rō-ˈman-tik, rə-\
1. having no basis in fact
2. impractical in conception or plan
3. the imaginative or emotional appeal

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Track Name: Receding [prod. by nvrmore]
I can barely make out your face
You're getting more distant
Receding, receding
Are you facing me?
Is it your back I see?
I can't see you
Only black
I can't see you
Sleepless night
My dreams of dying
are all that is left of me
Dream on, there's more left for me
Expanding blackness torturing
Abstract form
Is it you?
Or am I alone again.
Kill me.
Track Name: Forest 自殺 [prod. by dead spirit]
I step further into the forest
The breeze reminds me why I'm here
A history of failure surrounds me
It is not terror I feel
Not for much longer
Ropes and landmarkers
of a past without reason
I've camped in this wood
The meaning is lost.
On these grounds of sour bliss
Where agony once stood
Dissolved into the soil
And made the earth fruitful.
Dirt of lonliness rich with blood and tears.
All forgotten fears
I scream to The
Remember me in your roots.
Remember me in your soil.
Desolation and turmoil
Nurturing life
You are not afraid
And neither am I.
The end is near.
Treetops away and then nothing.
Track Name: Wall Drawing #1085 [prod. by XAN]
Illusion of safety
This home is no longer
Stripped from the comfort
Of pale armed immunity.
These walls are decaying
Barren and hopeless
These walls are decaying.
Loose in revelries
Haunting insecurities
I see water outside
Time breaker
Life ruiner
House me again with your crippling eyes
Comfort me again with your horrid lies
I thought I was home
Complacent disdain
Drugs my thoughts
With repercussion and terror
Locking me in your doors
Old house of The
I beg you
Lock me away
From my insecurity
Track Name: Pareidolia [prod. by cat soup & yung cortex]
Faces in the fire
Staring back at me
Wheeping and crying
Crackle set ablaze
Purpose by burning
Pleasure in their decay
Rot away (x3)
Faces of the wood
Tortured and misunderstood
Crying to exist in a world that persists
On proclaiming corpses as gods.
Feed me to your flame.
Free me from this prison
Of my physical being that is torn and repeating
Rot away.
Let my oxygen breed you.
Only smoke will succeed you.
Until there's nothing left
But a pile of ash
A monument of a nil past.
Tortured by solitude
I bleed and bleed.
This skin won't last long enough
To see a hospital bed.
Track Name: Rain Defender [prod. by tundra]
Fluid and flowing
Dark lather of night
Your sound brings me to tears
Knowing your winds sigh
Knowing your fallen eyes
Have fallen on me
And now I see
You've seen mine
In this despair and sullen cloak
Liquid drenched vinyl coat
Rain defender, black savior
Make me forget
The hope I had when the sun dried out
And buried me in regret
Rain defender (defender)
Your time is up
It's morning now
The sun's come up.
Track Name: Six Grey Mirrors, 2003 [prod. by WRKTNGL]
I know I am blind
To the gift of your lost eyes
I wish I could see like you
Abstract blurs of color
That deviate from the physical realm
Prevent the sharpness that only
Your eyes can see
when you look at me.
Blisters prevent my grip
From seizing what presents itself
Gloves might help
But they'd only disguise
What lacks beneath my surface
Grey reflections
Darkened and unsaturated
Are they actually here
Or are they lost on deaf ears.
It remains unclear
I wish I could understand
The way you see the light
Differs from my gaze
I'm blackened and bruised
Carnal refuse

[The borders of the mirror
Crop from the center
And I'll never see
What's become of me
Remind me that the light hasn't died]
Track Name: Real Light (feat. jimmy v) [prod. by pnkblnkt]
White walls are still painted
A coating is something
Air is nothing
But unheld breath
I wait to release
Tattered unsheathed
Tampered and cold
Real light doesn't blind me
Embraced and cradling
In my comfortable shell
Wrapped indelicacy
Not breached or tattered
Hold me again
In your real light
Take me away from this agony
Anguish extinguished
Depression numbed
Held by loose fingers
Temporary hold
I don't feel the cold
When i feel your light.

[excluding jimmy v]